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POA – In Between Stag Meeting Minutes from 11/1/2017 (Davis Brothers Pizza – East Peoria)


POA - 12-17-17  Meeting  Don KIng covered some items for the NDOA. Bud McGinnes covered some unusual plays and had videos and discussions over block/charge and legal guarding position.


 General Membership Announcements:


1). Welcomed New Members

2). Financial Report: General = $4,885.26 (8 meetings @ $972.04 & Pre Season Stag @ $654.58) - Hospitality = $6,091.89

3). Membership Information Forms & POA Website

4). Schedule Books  


FOOTBALL Announcements: 

1). Post Season Recognition – Football Playoffs

2). 2018 Rules Interpreter is Jake Schaidle,    2nd VP is TBA


BASKETBALL Announcements: 

1). Rules Interpreter - Bud McGinnes - 2nd VP is Shane Parker (Rules Interpreter in 2018/2019)

2). Clinic – Wednesday, 11/8 @ 5pm – Level 1 ($5 members & $20 nonmembers)

3). Meetings (Sundays) – proposed 11/12, 11/19, 12/17, 1/7, 1/21, 2/11 – 6 total - approved

4). Meeting Etiquette (i.e. pay attention to presenter, no “side conversations”, mute cell phones, here to learn and make each other better, etc.)

5). Hospitality Room - 1A/2A (3/9 & 3/10) – 3A/4A (3/16 & 3/17) 


Election of Officers: 

Football – 2nd VP for 2018 (become Rules Interpreter in 2019) – elected Bill Kentzel 

Basketball – 2nd VP for 2018/2019 (become Rules Interpreter in 2019/2020) – elected Kevin Hampton 

Secretary/Treasurer – Brian Mason announced resignation – Ron King appointed new Sec/Treasurer effective 11/14/17



8/30/17 Football Meeting

1). If you have not paid dues, please do so asap ($35)

2). New members – if you have not done so, please fill out membership information sheet

3). Football Clinic – Wednesday, 9/6 at 5:30pm – Don King is the clinician – THERE WILL BE NO POA MEETING

4). Rules test & video due by 9/12 


1). Dave Allen  - covered weather policy/procedures  

2). Kevin Copeland -  presented on Blind Side Blocks & Crew Consistency


8/23/17 Football Meeting

  1. New Members – fill out info sheet if you have not done so
  2. Schedule Books – available, ONE per member
  3. Dues - $35 – please pay ASAP
  4. Football Clinic – Wednesday (9/6) at 5:30pm ($5 POA, CIFA) $10 all others – there will be NO POA meeting that night
  5. Rules Test/Video – due by 9/12/17

New Business: None

Dave Allen covered rule changes & Brian Mason covered mechanic changes


2017 Pre Season Stag 

1). Welcome & New Members

2). Rules Interpreters for upcoming seasons: Football (Dave Allen & Jake Schaidle 2nd VP) & BASKETBALL (Bud McGinnes & Shane Parker 2nd VP) 

3). Financial Report 

4). Membership Information Forms & POA Website 

5). Schedule Books – 75 ordered, 1 per member to start

6). Hospitality Room Report

7). HOF Banquet Report 

8). IHSA Delegate Meeting Report/Grant deadline 

9). In Between Stag (Wednesday, November 1st at 6pm) & Election of Officers, 2nd VPs for 2018/2019 - 

10). Post Season Recognition:  Football 

11). State Final Official Recognition, present plaques (Boys BKB – Don King & Tom Conklin)  

FOOTBALL Announcements: 

1). 1st Football Meeting is next Wednesday (Aug. 23rd) at 7pm – 9 Total 

2). Don King, CIFA will have a meeting prior to POA at 5:30pm 

3). Rules Test & Rules Video due by 9/12 

4). Football Clinic – Wednesday, 9/6 at 5:30pm - $10.00 for POA, CIFA, BNOA – Don King Clinician 

5). Meeting Etiquette (i.e. pay attention to presenter, no “side conversations”, mute cell phones, here to learn and make each other better, etc.)  

BASKETBALL Announcements: 

1). Clinic – proposed Wednesday 11/15

2). Meetings (Sundays) – proposed 11/19, 11/26, 12/10, 1/7, 1/21, 2/11 – 6 total  

New Business from the floor 

1). Mike Bromley made motion that the POA buy a maximum of 5 pizzas for football and basketball meetings (# of pizzas will be based on attendance) - Andy Sepic 2nd motion - Motion passed unanimously.



2015/2016 Attendance

8/19 Stag (50); 8/26 FB Test (40); 9/2 (32); 9/9 (36); 9/16 (21); 9/23 Level 1 Clinic (21 signed up);

9/30 (15); 10/7 (16);

10/7 Meeting Minutes

Bill McDaniels showed various videos & had group discussion.

9/30 Meeting Minutes

Bill McDaniels showed various videos & had group discussion.

9/23/15 Meeting Minutes

Level 1 Football Clinic - Had 21 people sign up

9/16/15 Meeting Minutes

Reminder of Level 1 Football Clinic on Wednesday, Sept 23rd @ 5:00

Bill McDaniels went over penalty assessment

9/9/15 Meeting Minutes

Pat Pownall covered OPI & DPI

9/2/15 Meeting Minutes

  • IHSA Grant - Was due September 1st.  POA turned in request for $500.
  • Pat Pownall will be guest speaker on September 9th.

8/26/15 Meeting Minutes

  • Discovered that POA books have error for November 2015 calendar
  • Pat Pownall will be guest speaker on September 9th
  • Kevin Copeland covered the 2015 football test & certain items from the annual IHSA rules video

8/19/15  Meeting Minutes

  • Introduced new members
  • Mentioned paying dues ($35) as soon as possible
  • Gave financial update for the general & hospitality accounts
  • POA Emails - If not getting, make sure to fill out a personal information sheet
  • In-between stag will be held on Wednesday, Nov 4th @ 6:00pm (doors open @ 5:30).  Food, soda & draft beer will be provided by the POA.
  • POA Polo shirts can be purchaed from Team Works.  They have the POA & IHSA logos.  Can alos take your own shirt, wind breakers, etc. in to get embroidered.  Team Works information is on the POA website.
  • The new schedule / roster books are printed & will be available at all the meetings.  Please only take 1 per person.
  • Brief discussion on IHSA grant money
  • Brought up idea of having the football "test" meeting moved to a later date (2nd or 3rd week) or move to another day of the week; starting next year.  This year the first football meeting will be the day to go over the test (8/26)
  • Thanked the food committee (Jeff Diemer, Jerry DuBoise, Brian Mason, Bud Gorman, Ron King, Bryan Nelson).  Also thanked Mike Wikeoff for opening up the KC Hall; thanked Mike & Bud Gorman for also helping out with bartending duties


  • Rules Interpreter is Bill McDaniels - 2nd is Kevin Copeland
  • 1st POA FB meeting is 8/26 @ 7pm (Don King has early meeting for CIFA @ 5:45pm)
  • Rules test & rules video deadline is 9/15/15
  • Level 1 FB Clinic is on Wed., Sept 23rd, 5pm (sharp) @ KC Hall - Don King will be clinician ($5 for members)


  • Rules Interptreter is Mike Bromley - 2nd is Dan McGann
  • Meeting will again be held on Sundays (dates TBD) - last year we had 6 meetings & plan for the same amount this year
  • BB Clinic - TBD
  • Hospitality Room - Start thinking about it for next March - will discuss further @ in-between stag to start planning (locations, etc.)

New Business

  • Brian Mason covered the 2015 Hospitality Room Finances
  • Brian recognized the 2014/2015 Post Season Officials - Presented Don King with a State Finals Plaque


2014/2015 Attendance:

8/20 (42); 8/27 (53); 9/3 (32); 9/10 (40); 9/17 (35); FB Clinic (22); 10/1 (40); 10/8 (27); 10/15 (22); 10/22 (25); 11/5 (35); 11/9 (28); BB Clinic (25); 11/23 (13); 12/14 (24); 1/11 (15); 1/25 (23); 2/8 (24)


2014/2015 Basketball Post Season Assignments:


Regional - Jon Carls (2A/Athens & 3A/Manual); Dennis Price (1A/Lexington & 3A/RI - Alleman); Jeff Lanane (1A/Concord Triopia); Bruce Fisher (2A/Deer Creek Mackinaw); Jerry McDaniels (1A/Illini Central); Jay McDaniels (1A/Illini Central); Fred Marriott (1A/Illini Central & 3A/Quincy ND); Bill McDaniels (2A/Sherrod); John Carroll (2A/Sherrod)

Sectional - Jeff Lanane (2A/Williamsville); John Carroll (1A/Roanoke); Dennis Price (4A/Rockford Guilford)

Super Sec - Jeff Lanane (2A/Monmouth College)

Finals -


Regional - Dave Allen (2A/Bloom Cent Cath, 2/A Midwest Central & 3A/Mendota); Shane Parker (1A/Peoria Heights); Jeff Lanane (1A/Illini Central); Dan McGann (2A/Knoxville & 3A/Mendota); John Carrol (2A/Knoxville); Ron King (3A/Streator); Fred Marriott (1A/Peoria Heights); Don King (3A/Canton); Randy Leitner (3A/Mendota); Doug Williams (4A/Moline); Ron Leitner (3A/Canton); Pat Pownall (3A/Springfield)

Sectional - Don King (4A/Pekin); Ron King (3A/Champaign Cent.); Ron Leitner (3A/Champaign Cent.); Randy Leitner (4A/DeKalb); Pat Pownall (4A/Pekin)

Super Sec - Don King (3A/Springfield)

Finals - Don King (3A/4A)


1/25/15: Meeting Minutes

  • Hospitality Committee update
  • Final Meeting on 2/8/15 at 4pm

Rules Interp held (Jon Carls & Mike Bromley)

11/23: Meeting Minutes

  • 3rd meeting on 12/14/14 at 4pm
  • Pay Dues if you have not done so
  • Anyone going for promotion, will have review after this meeting

Rules Interp held (Rule Changes/Points of emphasis)


11/9/14: Meeting Minutes

New member(s) introduced. 

Dues: If you have not paid, please pay Jeff 

  • Jon Carls & Mike Bromley will be presenting the rules Interp this season.
  • Total of 6 Meetings (Dates/Times posted on POA website) – Next meeting is 11/23 (Sun) at 2pm – Rule Changes/Points of emphasis
  • Reminder: Level 1 Clinic on Wednesday, 11/19/14 (5:00pm) - $5 members/$20 nonmembers – Registration starts at 4:30pm – Pat Pownall, Clinician
  • New for this year, we have purchased a series of DVDs to be used this year at the meetings: 

                 1).  Tough Call series – book & DVDs – one for Block/Charge, one for Traveling and one for Contact/Displacement –each is ~$15

                 2).  You Make the Ruling series – Many topics are covered in all the videos

             i.e. Backcourt, Block-charge, Traveling, Basket Interference, Contact,  Goaltending And Many More!

                3). Basketball Officiating video 3 man mechanics 

  • As with Football, once you start receiving post season assignments later in the season, please let Jeff & I know so we can post on the website.
  • Boys finals weekend – once again will have Hosp. Room at Creve Coeur Club (committee: Jon Carls, Jay McDaniels, Nick Scibona, Jeff Dill & Dave Allen) 

Rules Interp Held (Part 1 Test)

11/5/14: In-between Stag Meeting Minutes:


  • FB Meeting – Averaged 34 in attendance
  • Had 23 members receive Playoff assignments (members of 6 different crews) – Congratulations to all!
  • We will Start the spring/summer monthly FB meetings in May – will have 4 total (will schedule the dates after BBall and send email out & post on website)
  • Next Year - Bill McDaniels will be the Rules Interpreter for the 2015 Season 
  • Recognized Terry Durham who is retiring from Football after 13 plus years.


  • 1st Meeting this Sunday (11/9) at 6:00pm – TEST Night – will have Potluck and Bears/Packers will be on at 7:30pm.
  • Total of 6 Meetings (Dates/Times posted on POA website)
  • Level 1 Clinic on Wednesday, 11/19/14 (5:00pm) - $5 members/$20 nonmembers – Registration starts at 4:30pm – Pat Pownall, Clinician
  • Interpreters: Jon Carls & Mike Bromley  
  • New for this year, we have purchased a series of DVDs to be used this year at the meetings -  Jon Carls purchased and motion made and passed to reimburse ($75.85).

 Tough Call series – book & DVDs – one for Block/Charge, one for Traveling and one for   Contact/Displacement 

 You Make the Ruling series – Volume 6 is newest - Many topics are covered in all the videos 

 Backcourt, Block-charge, Traveling, Basket Interference, Contact,  Goaltending And Many More!

Basketball Officiating video 3 man mechanics

  • As with Football, once you start receiving post season assignments later in the season, please let Jeff & I know so we can post on the website. 

General Membership Items: 

  • (86) Paid Members to date
  • Had new members introduce them selves
  • Fill out information sheet so we have your info
  • Dues: if you haven’t paid, please see Jeff and get paid!!!
  • POA sent a check for $50 to the Wayne McClain foundation in his memory
  • Financial update (Hospitality & General Funds) - Jeff
  • Basketball State Finals – Hospitality Room (committee: Jon Carls, Jay McDaniesl, Nick Scibona, Jeff Dill & Dave Allen)

Election of Officers (all were nominated and passed by unanimous vote): 

1). President (2015 to 2017 – start July 1st) Dave McDowell

2). Secretary (2015 to 2017 – start July 1st) – Don Maher

3). 2nd VP for Football 2015 – Kevin Copeland

4). 2nd VP for Basketball 2015/2016 – Dan McGann 

50/50 drawn – won by Chuck Roberts

10/22/14 Meeting Minutes:

  • This is the last FB Meeting – Averaged 35 through week 8
  • Congratulations to those who received playoffs! Please update us as the various rounds come out (we will post on website)
  • Start the spring/summer monthly FB meetings in May – will have 4 total (will schedule the dates after BBall and send email out & post on website)
  • In-between stag on 11/5/14 – 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm) – Jerry DuBois has volunteered to arrange for the food
  • If you weren’t a member last year and have paid this year, make sure to get Jeff your information to update the site roster.
  • Wayne McClain – funeral was today – memorial service this Friday at Manual (5pm) – approved $50 contribution
  • BB guys – 1st meeting is Sun. Nov. 9th at 6pm – Clinic on Wed. Nov. 19th at 5pm

Rules Interp Held (Bill McDaniels led)


10/15/14 Meeting Minutes:

  • Last FB meeting next week – bring snacks, etc. – NO Early Meeting next week
  • In-between stag on 11/5/14 – 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm) – Jerry DuBois has volunteered to arrange for the food, anyone that wants to assist (see Jerry)
  • Currently we have 78 paid members, last year we ended up with 102 (still have Basketball)
  • Financial updates will be given at the In-between (both general fund & hosp. fund)
  • Reminder – Jeff & I’s term is up this summer (6/30, new officers would start 7/1) – be thinking about it.

Rules Interp Held

10/8/14 Meeting Minutes: Asked those that have paid dues and are not receiving the POA emails to contact Jeff Diemer so he can get information on the site. Reminded that last FB meeting will be 10/22 and we'll have a potluck that night. In-between stag will be Nov. 5th (Jerry DuBois volunteered to lead up arranging the food).

Rules Interp held

10/1/14 Meeting Minutes - Kevin Copeland thanked membership for the flowers POA sent and the monetary donation the POA made to his youth group at his church in memory of his daughter Kennedy.

Bill Lemonnier - retired Big Ten Football Official (Referee) & current ESPN College FB Rules Analyst spoke to the membership from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

9/24/14 - Level 1 FB Clinic held

9/17/14 Meeting Minutes:

Old Business:

  • Next week (9/24) – FB Clinic @ 5:00pm (Level 1 – registration begins at 4:30pm) – Don King, Clinician – No MEETINGS
  • 10/1/14 – Bill Lemonnier will be at our POA meeting to speak  
  • Grant Update: approved for $217.95  (this will cover our HUDL account and purchase of the 2014 Crew of 5 DVD that Bill Lemonnier puts out

New Business:

  • Kevin Copeland – email sent out regarding birth/death of daughter- had free will donation (proceeds to the Youth Group he leads at his Church in his daughter’s name, Kennedy) – POA did send flowers to the hospital and had card for those wishing to sign.

Rules Interp:

  • Craig Anderson (Asst. Executive Director @ IHSA & Administrator for: Officials; Boys Football; Boys Wrestling & Boys Baseball) spoke to membership


9/10/14 Meeting Minutes: 

  • Reminder on Dues – Please pay Jeff
  • Next week (9/17) Craig Anderson from IHSA will be here to speak
  • Reminder that FB Clinic will be 9/24 (4:30 registration/Clinic at 5pm)
  • Rules Interp (Brian Mason Presented):
  • Reviewed targeting call on HUDL from Notre Dame/Richwoods game on 8/29
  • Video Review of Kicking Game  (HUDL plays & Bill Lemonnier video)

9/3/14 -  Meeting Minutes

  • Dues – Please pay (Jeff Diemer - Secretary absent this evening)
  • Schedule Books Available
  • FB Clinic on 9/24 (4:30 registration/clinic at 5pm)
  • Weather – Friday 50% chance of T-Storms – be prepared again if have to delay/suspend
  • Midland (Varna) – those working Varsity games there, be prepared as they are low on #’s – we had them Saturday and ended the game in 3rd Quarter as coach said he did not want to continue due to injuries. They have already forfeited this Friday’s game.
  • Reminder: be on time for your games (underclass – minimum of 30 minutes; varsity – minimum of 60 minutes) NOTE: underclass, work with a lot of different guys, the Referee should contact the other members at some point prior to game night (decide on time to meet, where meeting (i.e. parking lot, locker room, etc.).

                 Rules Interp Held by Jeff Dill (meeting adjourned at 8:00pm) 

 8/27/14 - Meeting Minutes

  1. Dues – Pay Jeff
  2. New Members or any members who have Personal Info changes – see Jeff
  3. Schedule Books (ordered 100 – 1 per member)
  4. Went over email from a recent clinic and Craig Anderson’s response re: arm sleeves and changing of game balls
  5. Clinic – Level 1 on 9/24 – 5pm - registration starting at 4:30pm
  6. Presented Bud Gorman State Final Official plaque (Bud was absent last week)
  7. verified members are receiving the POA emails

Rules Interp Held (went over Football Test) 

8/20/14: Meeting Minutes

General Membership Topics & Welcome:

  • Welcomed everyone
  • Thank those who helped with Food (Jerry Dubois, Rick Anderson, Ron King, Mike Bromley for opening up KC Hall & Mike Wikoff for bartending)
  • New Member Introduction – see Jeff if you have not filled out a Membership Form
  • Dues Reminder ($35) – Please pay asap – Jeff & I spent too much time tracking down dues last year
  • Personal Information Change Forms (to Jeff if any changes)
  • Schedule Books (100 ordered, 1 per member)
  • Financial update (account balances) – General & Hospitality
  • Hospitality update (went over itemized spreadsheet) – Recognized Hosp. Committee for their efforts (Jay McDaniels, Jon Carls, Jeff Dill, Jerry DuBois, Nick Scibona, Jeff Diemer)
  • POA Polos/Dri Fit TShirts (contact TeamWorks directly – info on POA site) – they can also do the IHSA embroidery
  • Website update – showed new look
  • HUDL update (need motion for POA to pay $200 to Mike Bromley & then put in $200 grant to IHSA for reimbursement) – Motion carried
  • Rule Books – in the years we don’t get books, thoughts on POA placing a bulk order for those members that want them (members would still need to pay, but maybe at cheaper price) – Discussion still pending
  • Officers - Jeff & I’s term ends in June – need nominations for President & Secretary to vote on at In-between Stag – take office 7/1/15 for 2 years
  • In-Between Stag: 11/5 – 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm)


  • 1st meeting next week 8/27 – 7pm
  • Donnie will be having CIFA meeting at 5:45pm (Donnie stated to keep schedules updated on Arbiter)
  • Rules Interp is Jeff Dill, next year is Bill McDaniels (need rules Interp for year after Bill) – be thinking about it, can nominate at In-Between Stag
  • Go over FB meeting schedule/topics (4th meeting – Craig Anderson, IHSA & 6th meeting – Bill LeMonnier)
  • Clinic (Level 1) – 9/24 – 5pm ($10 POA, BNOA & CIFA members - $20 non-members) – Don King clinician
  • Recapped of Spring/Summer Meetings – went really well, met 1 month starting in May – will continue


  • 1st meeting TBD
  • Clinic – 11/19 – 5pm KC Hall ($5 POA, BNOA & NDOA - $20 non-members) – Pat Pownall clinician (Lenny Bruns & Ron King assisting)
  • Rules Interp – Jon Carls & Mike Bromley
  • Need rules Interp for next year

2013/2014 State Final Official’s Recognition (plaque given to each official): Basketball: Jerry McDaniels, G 1A/2A & Dave Seiler, G 3A/4A – Football: Class 4A; Bud Gorman (absent), Ron King, Pete McGinnes, Kevin Copeland & Brian Mason


2013/2014 Post Season Assignments:


Rick Anderson, Mike Bromley, Chip Meiner & Bud McGinnes (1A 1st Rnd)

Jim Maddock, Dave Maddock, Andy Sepich, Kevin Byrd & Jon Carls (1st Rnd - 2nd Rnd & 4A Qrtr Final)

Ron King, Bud Gorman, Brian Mason, Pete McGinnes & Kevin Copeland (1st Rnd - 2nd Rnd - 3A Qrtr Final - 7A Semi Final & 4A State Final)




Regional: Jon Carls (2A/Biggsville & 3A/Geneseo); Jay McDaniels (1A/Peoria Heights); Jeff Lanane (1A/Nokomis); Tony Shinall (1A/Kewanee Wethersfield); John Miller (2A/Farmington); Jerry McDaniels (1A/Lexington); Bill McDaniels (2A/Eureka); Dennis Price (2A/Havana & 3A/Morris)); Jim Swearingen (2A/Warrensburg); Curtis Sherman (1A/Earville); Thorn Keene (2A/Farmington); Dave Seiler (3A/Geneseo & 3A/Peoria Notre Dame)


Sectional: Jeff Lanane (2A/Casey-Westfield); Jim Swearingen (1A/Putnam Cnty); Curtis Sherman (1A/Gilman); Jerry McDaniels (2A/Minonk); Dennis Price (3A/IVC); Dave Seiler (?/?)


Super Sec: Jerry McDaniels (1A/Salem); Dennis Price (3A/Decatur - Millikin); Dave Seiler (4A/Hinsdale)


Finals: Jerry McDaniels (1A/2A); Dave Seiler (3A/4A)



Regional: Dave Allen (2A/Havana & 3A/Metamora)); Jeff Lanane (2A/Williamsville); Dave Seiler (1A/Stark County); Shane Parker (2A/Havana); John Miller (2A/Fieldcrest); Don King (3A/Manual); Ron King (4A/Rock Island); Pat Pownall (4A/Normal Comm.); Ron Leitner (3A/Lincoln); Dan McGann (1A/Abingdon & 3A/Lasalle Peru & 3A/Geneseo); Mike Barber (3A/Lincoln); Jim Swearingen (1A/Start County)


Sectional: Don King (4A/East Moline); Ron Leitner (3A/Washington @ Bradley); Mike Barber (3A/Washington @ Bradley)


Super Sec: Don King (3A/Springfield)

2013/2014 Attendance: 8/28 (45); 9/4 (37); 9/11 (38); 9/18 (36); 10/2 (25); 10/9 (24); 10/16 (28); 10/23 (30); 11/6 (40); 12/4 (10); 1/12 (12); 1/26 (16); 2/9 (25)

2/9/14 Minutes

  • Financial update given by Jeff Diemer
  • Hospitality Room update given by Jeff Diemer (we will continue to provide updates via email)
  • Emails were sent out to past members who have yet to renew
  • Asked members to email Jeff or I their post season assignments so we can list on the POA site.
  • This was the final meeting of the season.

Rules Interp Held

1/26/14 Minutes

  • Jon Carls gave update on progress regarding hospitality room for IHSA Boys BB Finals (Creve Coeur Club has been secured; letters to associations, businesses & equipment suppliers are in process of being emailed/sent out; hours for the room will be 2pm-9pm, Fri/Sat of both weekends; will need volunteers to man table at entrance (2-3 people per shift) - more to come on signing up, etc.)
  • Scheduled last meeting of season for 2/9/14 @ 4:00pm

Rules Interp Held

1/12/14 Minutes

  • Update on Hospitality Room for IHSA Boys BB Finals by Jeff Diemer/Jon Carls (discussion followed)
  • Creve Coeur Club has been secured for the location of the room
  • Committee currently working on acquiring sponsors for the room

Rules Interp Held

12/4/13 Minutes

  • Set 2nd meeting date for Sunday, 1/5/14 at 4pm (KC Hall)
  • Rules Test & Rule Changes were covered
  • Hospitality Committee has secured location (Creve Coeur Club) for this year’s BB State Finals (details will be forthcoming).

Rules Interp Held

11/6/13 Minutes (In-between Stag):

· Financial Update given by Jeff Diemer: General & Hospitality Accounts

· Presented Appreciation Plaque & $30 Applebee’s Gift Card to Larry Leitner (retiring from being Assignor)

· Reminded that BB Clinic will be held on Wed. Nov. 20th at 5:30pm – Registration at 5:00pm – KC Hall: $5 members/$20 nonmembers

· Announced that1st BB meeting will be held on Wed. Dec. 4th at 7pm (KC Hall) – date changed from Dec. 8th (updated website) – Doors will open at 6:30pm

· Reminded BB officials interested in purchasing POA Logo Polos/shirts to contact TeamWorks directly (information on website)

· Jay McDaniels gave brief Hospitality Room Update for IHSA Boys BB Finals – to date, no location has been secured, committee still working on it, hope to have update in a couple weeks

· FB – Rules Interpreter for 2015 Season – Bill McDaniels was elected as 2015 2nd VP/Rules Interpreter

· BB – Rules Interpreter for 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 Seasons: no volunteers or nominations received – will bring back up at BB meetings

· Briefly discussed looking into HUDL (website for game videos) – could set up POA account and have schools that also have HUDL acts, upload game videos (FB & BB) to a POA account – we could then watch our game videos for mechanics/training purposes – will obtain more information and report back to membership at later date, TBD.

· Reminded those who have not paid dues, to please do so. Can pay Jeff Diemer directly or mail check (mailing address on website)

· 50/50 Drawing held ($26 to winner)

· 40 members present


10/23/13 Minutes:

· Congratulations to those who received Playoff Assignments

· REMINDER: In-between Stag will be on Wed. November 6th – Doors open at 5:30pm – Food at approximately 6:00/6:15pm – Meeting at 7:00pm

· Thanks to everyone who brought snacks!

  • Special thanks to Scott Rohrbach and Jeff Dill for the Rules Interpretation this year. GREAT JOB!

· Thanks to Don King for once again conducting the early meeting & Bud Gorman, Pug & Mike Bromley for getting the club open & bartending, etc.

· FB – Need Rules Interpreter for 2015 Season (Jeff Dill is slated for 2014) – contact myself or Jeff prior to In-between Stag

· BB – Need Rules Interpreter for 2014/2015 Season (Ron King is slated for this season, 2013/2014) – interested, contact myself or Jeff (like to take care of at In-between Stag)

Rules Interp Held


10/16/13 Minutes:

· IHSA Hospitality (location update – Ron King was to talk with Joe Knappe who resides at Twin Towers regarding room – any update?) – Per Ron, Joe will not sponsor room at Twin Towers. Jay McDaniels still is working on other locations, possible update at In-between Stag.

· 1st & 2nd Round Playoffs to be posted this week in Official’s Center

· There will be no early meeting next week

· Next week (10/23) will be the last meeting – In past, members who want have brought in snacks (kind of a small potluck), etc. POA will buy draft beer & soda for 1 hour after meeting adjourns (8-9p).

· Reminder – In Between Stag will be Wed., Nov 6th – Doors open at 5:30pm

Rules Interp held


10/9/13 Minutes:

· Jeff gave Financial Update on the General Account & Hospitality Account Balances

· Total number of members who have paid dues to date (49)

· FB only officials – Please pay dues by the end of the season – last meeting is Wed. Oct. 23rd – In Between Stag is Wed. Nov 6th (doors opening at 5:30pm)

Rules Interp held


10/2/13 Minutes:

· Attendance: make sure to sign in so we can track attendance – First 4 meetings, we have averaged 39 in attendance.

· DUES – Reminder, please pay dues (can send by mail or pay Jeff – make checks payable to Peoria Official’s Association) – FB only officials, please try to have dues paid by end of season even though deadline is 12/31/13 – last meeting is on Oct. 23rd.

· Hospitality for BB Finals – Jay McDaniels gave update last meeting and asked for 4 members to join him on a committee. Any update to the forming of committee? No volunteers to date.

· Financial Update: General Account & Hospitality Account Balances

Rules Interp held


9/25/13: Level 1 FB Clinic held (there was no POA meeting)


9/18/13 Minutes:

· Attendance: make sure to sign in so we can track attendance – 1st two meetings we have had 37 & 38 present. 45 at Stag.

· REMINDER: FB Level 1 Clinic by Don King next Wed, 9/25 – 5:00pm Registration – Clinic starts at 5:30pm ($5 members & $20 nonmembers) – Please be on time!!! No regular meetings next week!

· Thanks again to Scott for setting up the Player Safety/Illegal Helmet contact presentation given by Gregg Buchner last week – Really good presentation.

· IHSA Grant – purchased iPad & we were approved for $300 grant. $6,500 available ($5,000 from IHSA & $1,500 from IESA) & over $13,000 applied for this year.

· DUES – Reminder, please pay dues (can send by mail or pay Jeff – make checks payable to Peoria Official’s Association)

· Jay McDaniels – IHSA Boys BB Finals – Hospitality update - Jay asked for 4 members to join him on a committee.

Rules Interp held


9/11/13 Minutes:

· Jay McDaniels – update on hospitality at IHSA Boys BB Finals moved to next week on 9/18

· IHSA Grant – iPad has been purchased & we will know in the next week on the grant approval

· In-Between Stag Food Committee established: Ron King, TBone & Jerry DuBois

· DUES – Reminder, please pay dues (can send by mail or pay Jeff – make checks payable to Peoria Official’s Association)

· Shirts & FB Card Holders can be picked up after the meeting

Rules Interp - Gregg Buchner presented on Illegal Helmet Contact/Player Safety


9/4/13 Minutes:

· Jay McDaniels – will give update on hospitality at IHSA Boys BB Finals next week on 9/11

· IHSA Grant – officers met & we put in for $500 grant for the purchase of an iPad (will be used by each sports Rules Interpreter)

· FB Rules Test & Video by Sept. 10th

· Polo’s/Dri Fit TShirts – Jeff has put the order in for those who ordered last week – from this point forward, contact TeamWorks directly to order

· FB Card Holders – TBone took orders at last week’s meeting

· DUES – Reminder, please pay dues (can send by mail or pay Jeff – make checks payable to Peoria Official’s Association)

· Personal Changes – fill out change form or you can email Jeff

Rules Interp held


8/28/13 Minutes:

· Had new members introduce themselves – 1 new member present

· Went over Dues - $35, increase to $50 on Jan. 1st 2014

· Schedule Books – 2 per member

· In-between Stag Date set: Wed, Nov. 6th (Doors open at 5:30pm – Food at 6:15pm – Meeting – 7pm

· Any changes to Personal Information – fill out change form or email Jeff

· Jeff went over the current balances in General & Hospitality accounts

· FB Clinic: Sept. 25th (5:00pm – registration, 5:30pm – starts) LEVEL I – by Don King - $5 members & $20 non members

· BB Clinic: Nov. 20th (4:45pm – registration, 5:15 – starts) LEVEL 1 – by Ron King & Pat Pownall - $5 members & $20 nonmembers (KC Hall)

· BB- 1st meeting on Sun. Dec. 8th at 5pm (KC Hall)

· IHSA Delegate updates (no top 15 list by officials or Assoc & no officials rating officials)

· Grant from IHSA – due by Sept. 1st. – decided that officers of POA would decide on what to put in for (meeting after meeting tonight to decide)

· Polos – for those interested, Jeff presented POA embroidered Polos/TShirt that can be purchased from TeamWorks – has samples tonight as well for ordering (make checks payable to TeamWorks) – this is the last meeting he will have samples, if want after, contact TeamWorks directly.

· FB Pocket Card Holders – TBone went over samples – can order tonight, $7 – have to have at least 10 to place order.

Rules Interp held


2013 Football Rules Interpretation Topics (Scott Rohrbach – Rules Interpreter):

8/28 – Test Question Review

9/4 – 2013 Rule Changes

9/11 – Officiating Illegal Helmet Contact (Guest Speaker: Greg Buchner – Certified Clinician from Aurora, IL)

9/18 – Forward Progress

9/25 – Clinic (Level 1)

10/2 – Starting & Stopping Clock

10/9 – Scrimmage Kicks/Free Kicks

10/16 – Non-Standard Penalty Enforcement

10/23 – Unusual & Infrequent Plays


8/21/13 Minutes (Pre-Season Stag):


1). New Members – introduced themselves and sports working

2). Dues: $35.00 – after Jan. 1st will be $50.00 and no book entry

3). Schedule Books – 2 per member / Left over T-Shirts ($5.00)

4). In-Between Stag – Wed., Nov. 6th @ 6:00pm – Doors Open @ 5:30pm

5). Personal Information Changes: fill out change form & submit to Jeff

6). Financial Update: given by Jeff Diemer


7). 1st meeting next Wednesday (8/28) @ 7:00pm – Last meeting will be on Wednesday (10/23) – Bring Snacks (?) – POA will provide draft beer & soda for 1 hour after meeting

8). Assignors – Don King (Mid Illini & Prairie Land) – Pre meetings beginning next Wed. at 5:30pm / Larry Leitner (Peoria Schools)

9). Rules Interpreter: Scott Rohrback / Test by Sept. 10th & make sure to watch rules video

10: Clinic – need to set date & time


11). 1st meeting on Sunday (12/8) @ 5:00pm – KC Hall

12). Rules Interpreter: Ron King

13). Clinic – Wednesday (11/20) @ ? - KC Hall ($5 members & $20 non-members): Ron King & Pat Pownall


14). IHSA Delegate Meeting update: (NO Top 15 List by Associations/Officials & NO Ratings by officials)

15). Grant $ - Due by Sept. 1st / If association wants to nominate an official of IHSA Official of the Year, Due by Sept. 1st

16). Polos/TShirts – JEFF presented

17). FB Pocket Card Holders – TBONE prsented





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