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President - Pete McGinnes 

Ph. 309-696-5304




Secretary - Ron King

Ph. 309-678-5004 







2018 IHSA Girls Basketball Assignments


Bruce Fisher - 2A and 3A girls regional


Bill McDaniels -1A and 3A girls regional/ 2A Riverton Sectional


Rick Smolczyk - 2A girls regional


Darren Connett - 2A girls regional


Fred Marriott - 2A girls regional


Nick McDuffee - 2A and 3A girls regional


Jon Carls - 1A girls regional and 4A regionals


David Kob- 2A and 4A girls regional


Lyndon Goodly- 1A and 3A girls regional


Scott Taylor - 4A girls regional and 3A Sectional


2018 IHSA Boys Basketball Assignments 


Fred Marriott - 1A boys regional


Gavin Welker - 1A boys regional


Rick Smolczyk- 1A boys  regional 


Davis Kolb - 2A boys regional


Shane Parker - 3A boys regional/ 3A sectional


Don King - 3A boys regional/ 3A sectional


Dan McGann - 1A regional/  1A sectional


Ron King - 3A regional/ 3A sectional


Mike Barber - 3A regional/ 3A sectional


Randy Leitner - 4A sectional/ 3A sectional


Pat McClary - 1A regional/1A sectional





2017 IHSA Football Playoff Assignments: 


Brian Mason, Ron King, Pete McGinnes, Bud McGinnes & Kevin Copeland – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Semi & Finals (2A - Friday, Nov. 24th at 1:00pm) 

Jim Maddock, Andy Sepich, Dave Maddock, Jon Carls & Kevin Byrd – 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Semi  

Rick Anderson, Mike Bromley, Fred Marriott, Fred McNeeley & Paul Cusack – 1st Round  

Bill Kentzel, Ed McIntyre, Bryan Nelson, Dave Allen &  Randy Juskiv – 1st Round  

Dave McDowell, Chuck Hart, Don Maher, Dave Owen & Stan Deatherage,  – 1st Round 

Ron Leitner - 1st & 2nd Round 

Steve Hoerr & Bob Graf - 1st Round 

Duane Carr - 1st Round  



 BASKETBALL - 2017/2018: 

Rules Interpreter: Bud McGinnes

2nd VP: Shane Parker 


NOTE: All meetings at 5:00pm - Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria 


1. 11/12  - Rules Changes, Mechanic Changes & Points of Emphasis

2. 11/19

3. 12/17 -Block/charge and legal guarding position

4. 1/7- Cleaning up rough play

5. 1/28- Traveling/Block/charge quiz

6. 2/11-Legal and Illegal screening


Football - 2018:

Rules Interpreter: Jake Schaidle

2nd VP: Bill Kentzel

Dates: TBA




Membership Dues:


DUES: $35.00

If you choose to mail your dues, PLEASE INCLUDE your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email & Sport(s) as this information will be entered in the schedule book. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Peoria Officials Association (can also be paid at any meeting)



Mail to: 

Ron King

2410 W. Brooklyn Pl. - Dunlap, IL 61525





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