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President - Pete McGinnes 

Ph. 309-696-5304




Secretary - Brian Mason

Ph. 309-241-2380 




NOTE: The KC Hall has been confirmed as sold, so our meetings for the upcoming year will be held at Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria  (next to Avantis) starting on August 9 at 6:00pm.



Rules Interpreter: Dave Allen

Note: POA Football Meetings start at 7:00pm – Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria

Don King (CIFA Assignor) will be conducting a meeting prior to the POA meeting at 5:30pm

Dates (Wednesdays):

8/23 – Rules & Mechanic Changes - Dave Allen & Brian Mason

8/30 - Blind Side Blocks - Kevin Copeland

9/6 - CLINIC - 5:00pm (Don King - Clinician) - Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria

9/13 - Officials Wellness - Blythe Schabert, PT from MHS

9/20 - Goal Line - Brian Mason

9/27 - Sam Knox - Asst. Exec. Director, IHSA

10/4 - Penalty Enforcement - Pat Pownall & Mike Bromley

10/11 - TBA

10/18 - Season wrap up/prepping for Playoffs 


In-Between Stag

Wednesday, November 1st at 6:00pm - POA Membership Meeting at 7:00pm

Davis Brothers Pizza – East Peoria




Rules Interpreter: Bud McGinnes 

Dates: will be posted after the Pre-Season Stag 


11/8 - CLINIC (Level 1) - 5:00pm @ Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria - $5 POA members & $20 non members - Pat Pownall, Clinician with assitance from Dan McGann, Mike Bromley & Ron King




Membership Dues:


DUES: $35.00

If you choose to mail your dues, PLEASE INCLUDE your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email & Sport(s) as this information will be entered in the schedule book. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Peoria Officials Association (can also be paid at any meeting)



Mail to: 

Brian Mason

8600 DeSutter Road. - Manito, IL - 61546





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